We are training firm deeply committed to blending conceptual knowledge with practice for enhanced result-oriented professional expertise. We offer banking, risk management, corporate finance, investment banking, project finance, corporate governance and leadership, financial modelling, audit and forensic investigation and strategic management training worldwide.

Our wide range of training programs attract participants from across the globe thereby creating valuable networking opportunities.

We design and tailor training programmes to the precise learning objectives agreed with the client on a case-by-case basis. We blend professional face-to-face training with case studies, valuation exercises and simulations. We believe that careful planning is essential in good course design.

Our tailored approach can 'add-value' and help leverage institutional training budgets. We achieve this through:

Client-Oriented Programme Design

Courses are aimed to cater for our clients needs at four different levels although courses can be designed around your specific training needs:

  • Executive overview- concentrated “skill burst” sessions for the time- challenged director
  • Advanced
  • Intermediate
  • Introductory

Workshops are interactive to maximize delegate participation and understanding and include quizzes, practical exercises, video clips and case studies throughout

  • Pre-course learning, workshops and simulations combined to create bespoke programmes
  • Programme contents and style tailored to fit client's business strategy
  • Course materials customised to reflect the client's corporate culture

Eligibility Assessment

  • Pre-course testing to check that participants meet minimum entry criteria
  • Ensures matched groups and faster workshop progress
  • Post-course testing and assessments to gauge development

Design and Delivery Led by Professional Tutors

  • Use wide range of training techniques
  • Ensure high degree of delegate participation

First Class Materials

  • Comprehensive workshop notes for future reference
  • Include product notes, market strategies, exercises and case studies
  • Delivered in hard copy or online

Competence Assessment

  • Test participants' practical skills
  • Feed results back to participants and their sponsors
  • Identify follow-up training requirements and review of programme objectives

Why we use Simulations, Case Studies and a 'Blended' approach - "Tell me, I'll forget. Show me, I'll remember. Involve me, I'll understand" (Chinese proverb). Participants learn by doing. We therefore structure our course design so that they emerge from the training programmes with a satisfying sense of 'owning' new practical skills. This enhances their individual growth potential and ultimately the success of their company.


Cover specific product and/or skill sets designed to improve and enhance the participants competencies. A range of learning tools are incorporated to make the delivery both interactive and practical. This could include the use of our various valuation models and spreadsheets to analyse pricing and risks, or our Portfolio Optimisers - Asset Allocation simulation