This course deals comprehensively with Global Bond Markets- government and corporate, domestic and Euro, straight and option-embedded. Together with courses from Money Markets / Derivatives course programmes, delegates have opportunities to analyze products, pricing, trading and hedging strategies in Fixed Income Markets. Every professional involved in the global financial services industry (as a provider, user, regulator or advisor of product/services, marketplace/exchange) would benefit from our innovative solutions. Read more or download course brochure


This course has been designed to fully cover and explain the entire spectrum of the fund management process, with its emphasis and focus on understanding the principles of fund management and the more complex jargon used by fund managers. It considers the implications of recent structural changes in the markets following the ‘credit crisis’ and the effects of an economic slowdown and recovery. If you want to increase the funds under your management, understand and exploit your data to its maximum potential, this course is a must. This course has been specifically tailored to meet the needs of new entrants in the area of fund management as well as those with relatively little understanding of the fund management process. Hence, the course would be of great benefit to junior fund managers, fund managers’ assistants, sales and marketing executives, customer relations officers, system developers, IT support, graduate trainees, custodians, accountants, internal auditors, trainee brokers, compliance officers, treasurers and all the other functions closely involved with fund managers. The course may also prove invaluable for professionals undertaking threshold examinations. It would also be of great value to anyone wishing to become a fund manager. Read more or download course brochure


The money markets are wholesale financial markets in which sovereign states, banks and major corporations raise funds through certain types of loans, or by issuing debt securities. This course is designed to train learners on some of the most common money market instruments in-use at financial centres world-over. The modules are structured to give the user a complete perspective on the instruments- from theory to application. The first three modules lay down the foundation for the remaining courses. The other six modules deal with instrument specific minutiae. Read more or download course brochure


In the aftermath of the market crash, regulators looked carefully at the impact of short selling and the ability to facilitate this strategy by borrowing securities. With securities lending being essential for liquidity in the markets and settlement, together with the ability to generate yield enhancement, it is important that the process flows and controls issues are clearly understood. Effective management of the process of securities lending and repurchase agreements is essential to reassure stakeholders and risk managers but also in providing the vital liquidity in the markets and in settlement. There is no better time than now to gain a thorough practical overview of these processes. This course will provide you with an in-depth grounding of the purpose and use; the processes associated and the controls over and management of securities financing. We will look at the implications of this in terms of both lenders and borrowers but also at the importance of the use of borrowed securities in managing settlement issues and in generating yield enhancement. Read more or download course brochure