The programme begins with a general overview of the securitization process and various types of financings. Next, asset-backed securities transactions will be examined in depth. The course takes a look at the RMBS market including pass-throughs, ARMs, SMBS and CMOs. Finally, the course will consider non-agency RMBS and the CMBS marketplace. The course will use a mix of case studies, exercises, videos, and transactions covering Europe, US and global markets to explore recent trends in securitization issuance, with a particular emphasis on EMEA markets. Read more or download course brochure


Your practical guide to the current market environment. Asset Securitization (AS) has revolutionized the field of finance. It provides an opportunity for financial institutions to enhance liquidity, generate fee-based income and optimize the usage of capital. It can be a source of competitive financing for corporations. For investors, securitized assets offer additional investment opportunities with different risk/return trade-offs. Read more or download course brochure


Learn the latest development, strategies and techniques to revolutionise your corporate finance function. The world of corporate finance is continually advancing, bringing with it increased levels of sophistication and corporate activity. It is crucial, therefore, that external advisors and corporate management now focus more than ever on the corporate financial strategy they employ. Because of its importance, corporate finance should be thoroughly understood - although this is easier said than done: it is a relatively complex field which is constantly changing due to shifting economic conditions. This course aims to help you understand the challenging and perplexing financial problems faced by businesses today, as well as equipping you with a solid grounding in how to deal with complex finance issues. Benefit from an authoritative insight into the latest techniques, trends and strategies and gain the confidence to instigate, analyse and complete successful deals efficiently and effectively. Read more or download course brochure


Buying and selling a business can be a very risky step to undertake, with over half of all transactions failing. Carrying out proper due diligence is the most effective way to reduce that risk and to improve your chances of a successful transaction. Due diligence should help businesses add value to their new acquisitions. As well as simply checking things out it should be structured to help businesses make better development decisions. Often thought of as boring, expensive and time consuming, due diligence gives answers to crucial questions. How can you be sure you are buying the company you think you are? How do you avoid unexpected costs and nasty surprises? How do you negotiate the best deal? Due Diligence in Mergers and Acquisitions will help newcomers quickly get to grips with this complex area, learning what to look out for and what to avoid. Despite being one of the most important steps of the process of acquisition, due diligence is frequently misunderstood and mishandled. This course aims to change that. Read more or download course brochure


The overall objective of the M&A Expert Strategies, Techniques and Negotiation Skills Week is to present, over five days, a comprehensive and focused approach to all issues that must be included in the toolkit of successful deal making. The initial focus is upon understanding all of the challenges essential in masterminding the deal, from its inception, to completion of the transaction and implementation. As such, it draws heavily upon the use of the tools of corporate finance to ensure that value creating strategies are selected, and the appropriate techniques are applied, like carefully structured synergy assessment. Negotiation and related transaction issues are dealt with in the latter part of the week as a distinct element, in recognition that often the high stakes involved, combined with extreme time pressure and limited understanding of how to manage the negotiation process, may cause mistakes to happen. The focus is upon negotiating the key aspects of the transaction which impact value for both buyer and seller and on creating the right framework and strategy for enhancing value to the seller or retaining value for the buyer. Read more or download course brochure


This is an intensive training on all the legal issues surrounding loan documentation. The course focuses on documentation used in corporate loans, bilateral and syndicated loans, including security and guarantee documentation, and the implications of insolvency on the contractual rights of the senior creditors. Delegates will be guided step-by-step through the various components of loan documentation from indicative offer letters, loan agreements, guarantees, letters of comfort, mortgage debentures and security over other forms of asset, including property, shares and insurance assignments. Read more or download course brochure


Every year millions of dollars change hands on mergers, acquisitions. The high stakes, extreme time pressure and limited understanding of how to manage the negotiation process causes mistakes to happen. This programme focuses on negotiating the key aspects of the transaction which impact value for both buyer and seller and on creating the right framework and strategy for enhancing value to the seller or retaining value for the buyer. The early part of the course places considerable emphasis on initial negotiating tactics in M&A deals. In particular, when viewed through the eyes of a seller, the course covers the general tactics that may be deployed in enhancing the value of the assets or business for sale. The programme then develops by explaining the structural points of an offer that could impact on valuation, and how these might be negotiated. Participants will gain a sound knowledge of the negotiation challenges within the M&A process and how these can best be managed. Read more or download course brochure


Learn the most successful strategies and effective techniques for valuing and structuring new deals. A highly practical course designed to provide you with a complete inside guide to the private equity and venture capital industries. You will learn how to tackle complex valuations; conduct detailed due diligence and get to grips with structuring issues. Practical case studies and examples are utilised throughout the programme. Read more or download course brochure


A complete highly practical guide to the world of modern corporate financing.  This training programme represents a major step forward in the education and training of the corporate finance sector. The course has been painstakingly constructed to provide today’s corporate finance professionals with a complete and unrivalled understanding of the mechanics, strategies and techniques essential for success and survival in the modern corporate finance world. You will benefit from five days of intensive tuition from one of the world’s leading corporate finance trainers. The art of successful negotiation and origination is to comprehensively appreciate the perspective of the person on the other side of the table. This unique training programme will provide you with the opportunity to receive 1-to-1 training from our expert faculty. You will receive a questionnaire in advance of the course where you are asked to outline any specific areas or topics where you would like to receive personal coaching. Read more or download course brochure


A complete practical guide to the tools, techniques and applications of private equity investing. Private equity has an important role to play as one of the key asset classes to which every investor will require significant exposure. This five-day residential course will dispel many of the prejudices and misconceptions to which this much misunderstood asset class is subject. It will also present a balanced account of the objections currently being raised against private equity in the media. Read more or download course brochure


The aim of this course is to provide participants with exposure to leveraged and mezzanine financing techniques in the context of M&A and private equity structures. Delegates will be introduced to international practice in executing leveraged transactions, which will include due diligence, accounting issues and valuation techniques. Case studies will include opportunities to structure leveraged finance transactions. The course will use real life case studies and examples of transactions to develop participants’ understanding of the techniques being discussed.  Most of the case studies are designed to encourage delegates to think more closely about the issues involved and discuss them as a group. Some case studies will require participants to bring laptops to manipulate Excel spreadsheets. The course is designed to improve the participants’ skills in acquisition analysis, structuring and valuation. Many examples will be provided to illustrate the key principles and to develop participants’ understanding of real-life applications. Read more or download course brochure