DFRC's Programme Development Team designs leading-edge courses with the following features:-

  • Passionate Practical Trainers carefully selected from our pool of world-class resource of expert practitioners and consultants.
  • Empirical topical case studies, practice exercises and interactive discussion to equip participants with practical tools which can be put to immediate effective use.
  • Sensible and Relevant computer-based exercises and trading simulations for active structured learning.
  • Current well-researched course documentation which draws on DFRC's worldwide information network.
  • Avalanche of International Networking Opportunities in an environment made up of mixed participants from different countries that creates room for free sharing of information and ideas.
  • Committed to blending conceptual knowledge with practice to stimulate understanding and enhance expertise among participants.

DFRC organises interactive, practical, applicable and valuable professional public, in-house and online business and financial training courses for business executives and banking & finance professionals all over the world.

Our events cover a wide range of financial topics from Asset & Liability Management, Accounting & Auditing, Credit, Corporate Finance, Risk Management, Financial Derivatives, Capital Markets, Securitisation, Project Finance, Trade Finance, Treasury Management, Leadership Management, Corporate Governance topics and more.

What do you get out of DFRC courses?

  • Very concise and clear objectives
  • Practical Application of Principles - You learn skills that are relevant to mastering your job.
  • Appreciate the Relevance of Conceptual Knowledge - The skills you learn on our courses can be applied to your job.
  • Highly Valuable - You receive a much greater return for your investment.
  • Programmes designed by industry active experts for industry practitioners
  • DRFC trainers have a passion and sound mastery for their chosen topics
  • We do not just lecture but make every training session an interactive dialogue between the delegate and the trainer on one hand, and among the delegates on the other.
  • You acquire knowledge, skills and expertise that make you valuable and relevant to your company and your career.

Why you should attend a DFRC course

The course facilitators that work with DFRC demonstrate strict criteria of industry experience and the talent to captivate an audience. They don't just work with any organizer as they are conscious of their reputation and dignity.

Sometimes, we pay premium to secure and persuade specialist facilitators to allocate a few days out of their tight schedules to fly in from wherever they may be working currently with a view sharing some insights and experiences that expose participants to the tricks of the business that can only be learned through personal practice.

While we understand that there are lots of speakers, experts and consultants out there, not all of them have the patience, passion, commitment and other sterling qualities of a mentor to juggle the fine line of being an expert AND an effective communicator with excellent mastery of the job. That's why DFRC presenters aren't just speakers, they are admirable mentors.

DFRC’s Preferred Learning Environment for Professionals

A close and compact setting with a small group, that enables delegates to interact, share their views and escalate issues of concern related to them and their jobs. We know this is ideal environment for a professional of your type.

Having learnt from experience, as a the number of participant gets larger beyond 25, the training becomes less interactive and characterized by unpleasant distractions of a crowd resulting in participants not gaining much from the programme. It is for this reason that we restrict the number of participants to our maximum limit per class by breaking the participants into manageable class size.

We try as much as possible to avoid participants travelling long distances just to sit down to receive instruction tutorials without making any input. Participants are expected to bring up issues of work concerns that require solution and advice.

Our Small Size Makes Us More Flexible and Efficient

Our business strength is derived from the intellectual and professional capability of our partners and facilitators. While our partners all work to earn their pay, the facilitators are not permanently on our payroll but are well remunerated per programme facilitated to deliver excellent training well appreciated by participants.

Our firm does not also have those features such as rigid bureaucratic process and procedures, high overhead costs, expensive and complex business structure that characterize publicly quoted training firms. We operate a highly cost efficient and effective training programme without having to compromise quality and standard. All these are tantamount to cost savings to you.

Participants Get More Than They Pay For:

  • A Valuable Programme
  • International Facilitators Qualified By Training, Experience and Relevant Certifications
  • Programmes Held in Luxurious, Serene and Comfortable Setting
  • Our Training Packages are Made Up of World Class Materials in Terms of Contents and Details