Demvros Financial Resources Consult (DFRC) is an integrated financial and risk management advisory and training services firm.

“A firm passionately committed to providing cutting-edge financial and risk management advisory solution, stimulating and enhancing excellent professional expertise through practical demonstration of conceptual knowledge for improved performance”

DFRC offers leading edge assurance and consulting services to help organizations navigate the hazards of controlling a business in turbulent times. DFRC provides financial management and integrated risk management advisory and allied training services. With an internal leadership team from notable national and international financial and professional institutions, we provide experienced teams of practitioners to assist client with client’s financial and risk management advisory services as well as related training needs.



To emerge and remain a preferred referenced financial and risk advisory and seasoned capacity development firm wherever we chose to operate.



To continue to offer distinctive solutions that result in clients’ excellent performance through employees’ expertise improvement in financial and risk management.



Our core values are summarized by the acronym - “SPPRIDEC” which comprises of



We endeavor to simplify complex problem situation with a view to making them easy to understand and model in tune with realities of the work environment


 We discharge our obligations to our clients with utmost sense of professionalism andue respect to policy, procedures, ethics and mutual understanding


We render and undertake engagements in which we are deeply passionate and enjoy doing. Even in the presence of challenges, we are attached to the tasks until we excellently achieve the desired result.


We have cultivated the habit of achieving satisfactory results in record time because we believe our achievement impacts the performance of our clients.


We do not renege on our promises to deliver on mutually agreed terms


We explore the multi-disciplinary feature of our team of global partners to reflect dynamism and resilience in the way and manner we create novel solutions and ideas for the benefit of our clients.


We seek to pursue all that we do with utmost zeal to achieve excellence


Commitment to excellent service delivery that adds value to our clients’ business is our way of corporate life.