We have significant experience advising companies, shareholders and other stakeholder groups who are faced with a sub-optimal capital structure for current market conditions

Typically, the core business is sound but needs to reconfigure and optimise its capital structure or access alternative sources of finance where there is a potential risk of banking covenants being breached or a payment default.

We offer objective, hands-on advice and manage all aspects of the financial restructuring process. We provide senior management with ongoing support so they can focus on driving the operational performance of their business. Our experience shows that the business is often forgotten in restructuring discussions whilst financiers and their advisers fight their respective corners.

When finance from traditional sources is unavailable, we can tailor our services to introduce new sources of capital to support businesses with short-term funding issues.

We understand the requirements of creditor groups and specialise in identifying points of negotiating leverage, which enables our clients to optimise the restructuring outcome.