The world of corporate finance and business valuation continues to change rapidly and professional reports are increasingly relied upon and scrutinized by the SEC, board of directors, tax authority and auditors. The amount of scrutiny placed on fairness opinions and valuations continues to grow in a complex world of rules, regulations, and pronouncements.  Our reports are prepared to withstand scrutiny over an extended period of time.

We provide a full range of corporate finance advisory services for middle market private and public companies. These services include:


Capital structuring' refers to the type of financing with which a company is capitalized and the terms on which such finances are raised. Capital structuring is extremely important as it has a long-term impact on the financial viability of a business organization DFRC assists clients in getting the right debt-equity mix in client’s capital structure and the best terms so that their financial viability is maintained.

Support for Bond Issues and Other Financing Processes

DFRC provides financial advisory services to a diverse group of organizations that access capital through the issuance of tax-exempt bonds. Our services provide clients with an independent, objective perspective throughout all phases of a financing process. Our Partners have been involved in several Bond-related financing activity.

Assistance with Investor, Investment Banker, Bond Insurer, and Rating Agency Relationships and Financial Reporting

DFRC provides assistance to organisation and business system CFOs in their relationships with investors, investment bankers, bond insurers, and rating agencies. We also assist in the financial reporting responsibilities that many of these relationships require.


DFRC assists clients in getting more control over client company's finances by helping clients manage client’s cash efficiently, cut client’s business's costs, improve cash flow and simplify client’s accounting.


DFRC professionals have extensive experience of raising both debt and equity finance for companies that require third-party funding to drive growth. An injection of fresh capital from an appropriate external funding source will often unlock the further growth potential of a business. We work closely with stakeholders to assess the funding requirements of the company and determine which form of external capital is most suitable. We review our clients’ options objectively, considering both pure debt-based solutions and development capital. In each case, we leverage our excellent relationships with the most active banking teams and private equity sources to deliver the optimum solution for our clients.


Companies of all sizes frequently face strategic questions relating to creating or maintaining shareholder value such as: Can we go public? Can we sell? Can we create a leveraged ESOP? Can we increase dividends? Can we spin-off a business unit? Can we create partial liquidity for our shareholders? Our professionals offer an extensive range of strategic advisory services and solutions to middle market companies with these questions. Our analysis is designed to provide business owners and boards with the critical analysis and data required to make informed strategic business decisions. We thoroughly analyze historical and prospective company dynamics, taking into account current market conditions, industry specific factors and shareholder objectives.  Clients rely on DFRC for a combination of real-world transaction experience and deep-rooted valuation expertise for thoughtful, comprehensive, and honest.