Business Strategy Advisory

When an organisation or client system is experiencing turmoil and change, it is often necessary to retain a seasoned interim business management executive to lead the organization back into calm waters. Read more...


Financial Advisory

DFRC’s financial advisory  practice provides its clients with comprehensive advisory services across a broad range of transactions and initiatives including  Read more...


Risk Consulting

DFRC believes that risk management should reflect the corporate culture of the organisation, provide insight into the business decision process and clarity of management effectiveness. Read more...



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Our Vision

To emerge and remain a preferred referenced financial and risk advisory and seasoned capacity development firm wherever we chose to operate

Our Mission

To continue to offer distinctive solutions that result in clients’ excellent performance through employees’ expertise improvement in financial and risk management

Our Address:
33, Queen Street, Off Herbert Macaulay Road,
Yaba, Lagos

Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 8am to 5pm